The Butcher Top


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If looks could kill they would all be dead.

This item has a sleek and modern feel whilst still embracing some traditional elements. Draw your sword at the speed of light, transform in the blink of an eye. This skin tight Spandex top will allow you to move like the best you are.

Smile at the enemy mid air as you attack as they hold their breath while you descend. 

The combination of simple traditional buttons and earthy natural coloring give it a more classic feel, while the bold black line give it a modern twist. This top can be dressed up or down- you choose. Release your inner dark side. 

Pay close attention to the size chat when placing your order, this is one item that will need to fit like a glove. 

  • Spandex/ Polyester
  • Turn Down Collar
  • Woven Fabric
  • Buttons
  • US Sizing


Please allow 1 - 3 cm size variance as a result of manual measurement error.