Salem Threads



Since ancient times, the world has been filled by the belief that witches roam freely. Witch trials have long been an wicked way to get rid of the presumably evil men and women who lurk throughout the deepest parts of the earth. From the beginning of time, an estimated 50 to 200 thousand people have been killed because of witch trials ; however, the most famous witch trial that ever took place was the Salem Witch Trials.

Legend has it that a witch is the most powerful creature of them all. A creative inventor of spells, a creator of chaos and short in temper. The only being a real witch would tolerate was her cat. A cat who could soften into shadows and bring her all manner of creatures for her potions and spells.

  • Cotton and Linen blend
  • Ankle Length
  • O-neck
  • Loose sitting
  • Autumn wear
  • US Sizing


Please allow 1 - 3 cm size variance as a result of manual measurement error.