Due to the nature of global shipping, products usually take 10 - 30 days to arrive. We are of the opinion that good things are worth waiting for, so please keep this in mind when ordering your NinjApparel.

Free Shipping

Our standard Free Shipping option utilizes global postal services. Therefore, your package will arrive within the appropriate delivery time frame, at the nearest post office to your delivery address.

Time Frame

As with everything in life, the delivery time of your order is contextual. Depending on where you are in the world, how quickly your order is processed, shipped, and how efficient your local post office is will all determine when you will receive your product. Thus the aforementioned time frame is not set in stone and sometimes you may receive your item within a week, or it could take slightly longer. Any time frame longer than the below mentioned Estimated Shipping Times are very rare occurrences as we do put major focus on ensuring the fastest order processing possible. However in the rare case that your order takes 60 working days or more from the day you ordered it, we will happily offer you a full refund before then please contact us so we can look into your parcels current status.

Estimated Shipping Times (Approx.) ONCE shipped
  • Australia - 2 weeks
  • Belgium - 2 - 3 weeks
  • Canada - 2 weeks
  • Croatia - 2 weeks
  • France - 2 weeks
  • Germany - 2 weeks
  • Hong Kong - 2 weeks
  • Iceland - 3 weeks
  • India - 3 weeks
  • Indonesia - 3 weeks
  • Ireland - 2 weeks
  • Malaysia - 2 weeks
  • Netherlands - 2 weeks
  • New Zealand - 2 weeks
  • Philippines  - 2 weeks
  • Saudi Arabia - 2 weeks
  • South Africa - 3 weeks
  • Singapore - 2 weeks
  • Sweden - 2 weeks
  • Thailand - 3 weeks
  • United Kingdom - 2 weeks
  • United States - 2 weeks
  • Spain - 2 weeks
  • Switzerland - 2 weeks
  • Brazil - 3 weeks
  • Russia - 3 weeks
  • Rest of World - 3 weeks

If you would like much shorter delivery times and/or a courier service, please request premium delivery by contacting us and we will get back to with a quote on your requested product - please include the appropriate variants (ie. size and colour) of your order.

 **Please note we do not deliver to Military Addresses APO AE FPO, please provide an alternate address for this to be delivered to.**

Thank you for taking time out to learn more about the necessary world of delivery!