The Situation with SAPO

The Situation with SAPO

We are a proudly South African company.  We love speaking to our fellow countrymen.

We love offering a different style to a country that is sometimes too conservative for its own good.


It would be a perfect situation for us were it not for SAPO.

The infamous South African Post Office.  Either due to a lackadaisical mindset or simply being overloaded (most likely a combination of both) the delivery times of our (hence your) NinjApparel is increased substantially.  There are comparatively speedy deliveries that occur (i.e. 2 - 3 weeks) however these cases are the exception rather than the rule.  


We have found that deliveries typically take an extra 3 - 4 weeks on top of our usual delivery times.  

Thus we realistically estimate that your Ninjapparel will take on average 7 weeks to get to you if you are from South Africa.


If this waiting time applies to your order, we humbly ask for your patience.