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Have you ever wondered why we are so pre-disposed to formalizing ourselves to comply with the urban society? What makes that the norm? NinjApparel is transforming the acceptable perception of the everyday online shopper and how they define themselves to bring to YOU, Unique, Edgy, Rare Custom Made Designs, in 3 different collections: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Hip-Hop, all of which are available in Summer Or Winter Styles or Everyday Accessories.


We want YOU to DEFINE YOURSELF, where do you fit?


Sci-Fi Collection Heading


A NinjA of the STARS, we bring a modern take to the Sci-Fi designs of all your favorite themed heroes and even the villainous ones too. From the Sith to the Jedi the choice is yours or be led by The Force. A NinjA is defined by his skills in the art of stealth and combat. Let your Love for Sci-Fi become a reality! Everyday wear for the Modern NinjA of the Stars. Ready To Become a NinjA of The Stars? Visit the Sci-Fi Collection 




From Assassin's to Ghouls and Ghosts, we bring you the latest modern style. Whereby you can embrace your inner NinjA in all Forms of Fantasy themed characters. Bring them to life through everyday street fashion. Not only do you capture the image of the character but you get to define your own style. Fantasy characters each bring to the table their own unique powers? What is your power? What is Your desire? Visit the  Fantasy Collection


Hip-Hop Collection


The Urban NinjA Himself. Out the box thinkers, people who dare to take an alternative view on amongst other things Fashion. Done in the way to express themselves... to feel the NinjA way. The new age concept which is defining its own style.... ever changing and fresh... this adaptable nature makes us Proud to associate it with the NinjA views on the Urban world we are living in. Visit the Hip-Hop Collection


There you have it. The Low Down on making the experience of shopping online with NinjApparel an exciting experience where you take NinjA Fashion Trends and define your own adventure. Only one question left to ask......


Are You Ready To Be A NinjA?

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Tracking Parcels in Canada

To all our Canadian Customers,

We are aware that some of you guys have had trouble tracking your parcels; so we have looked into it ...

Simply put, the Canadian Post Office has stopped ALL tracking for inbound international parcels as of 20th August 2015, i.e. your orders with us here at NinjApparel will unable to be tracked once. This explains why your tracking numbers may not work once your Ninjapparel enters the Great White North.

This does not mean that you won't get your order, but it does mean that tracking your order, once it enters Canada, is not possible on any tracking website including our tracking tool.  This decision was taken by the Canada Post Office, and because of this, there is unfortunately only so much we can do regarding this issue.

We will look into finding what alternative options with tracking are available in Canada. And shall do our best to set up a tracked product within as short a time frame as possible. We’ll keep you informed of any developments.

We understand not being able to track your Ninjapparel's status can be frustrating and are thus working on ensuring that this affects your shopping experience in only the slightest way.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us


- The Ninjapparel Team

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The Situation with SAPO

We are a proudly South African company.  We love speaking to our fellow countrymen.

We love offering a different style to a country that is sometimes too conservative for its own good.


It would be a perfect situation for us were it not for SAPO.

The infamous South African Post Office.  Either due to a lackadaisical mindset or simply being overloaded (most likely a combination of both) the delivery times of our (hence your) NinjApparel is increased substantially.  There are comparatively speedy deliveries that occur (i.e. 2 - 3 weeks) however these cases are the exception rather than the rule.  


We have found that deliveries typically take an extra 3 - 4 weeks on top of our usual delivery times.  

Thus we realistically estimate that your Ninjapparel will take on average 7 weeks to get to you if you are from South Africa.


If this waiting time applies to your order, we humbly ask for your patience.  

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